At Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. we carefully select fine green coffees from the most renown growing regions of the world.  Each green coffee we purchase is sourced for a distinct purpose. Our signature blends require high quality as well as consistency.  For our origin coffees we look for unique flavors that excite the palate.  Longstanding relationships in coffee growing communities give us access to the finest coffees and give us assurance that fair practices are being upheld.

European drum style roasting allows us to highlight our craft and profile each coffee to its optimum flavor.  We chose our beauty, a vintage 1946 Probat roaster, for its ability to produce coffees with intense character and depth.

The most important factor in the taste of your brew?  Freshness.  If we don’t get it to you fresh,  you won’t taste the craft and care in the cup.  We think we roast the most  memorable coffees in Alaska.  You need not do more than taste for yourself!

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